Wouldn’t you like to know about the cast? We sure would –but Yak won’t tell us. You must read the strip young padawan to find out who is who in this rogue gallery.

Main Cast:

Dru: (First Appearance #1 – Universe 1, #7 – Universe Prime)
Once the sole denizen on the late night shift at the struggling fast food franchise Fort Beef-a-Lot, Dru’s plot to overthrow the world through straight laced dedication and earnest work has hit a speed bump. Known Fandom: (Comic Strip) Tout Le Monde (Podcast) The Total Gamer. Phone of Choice: Blue Balm Cilantro which is an upgrade from his old green screen candy bar phone – a phone which he refused to give up. Boss(es): Lloyd & Peter Wheatstraw.

Ori: (First Appearance #1 – Universe 1, #2 – Universe Prime)
Introduced in the Pilot Strip but as yet unseen, Ori drives a red Jupiter 8 j-150 Eco pickup truck. Ori is the anti-Dru in many ways. He frequents the drive-thru. Known Fandom: (Podcast) The Gamer’s Garage.

Zeo:(First Appearance #5 – Universe 1, #0 – Universe Prime)
Nearly catatonic during the TV writers strike which killed off a season of his favorite show Zeo is a hardcore Twenty-Four fan, he even has the CTU Edition 8800. Occasional Pen & Paper game DM. Frequents Multiplex 10 with the guys on Movie Quest. Known Fandom: (TV) Twenty Four (Duh). Phone of Choice: Hackberry™ 8800 – CTU XTREME Edition

Ume:(First Appearance #8 – Universe 1, #6 – Universe Prime)
Resident goth, highly competitive cosplayer, Ume takes her craft very seriously — perhaps too seriously. Reportedly she traded her soul for a sewing machine of gold. Downsized from Chicago;’s Riggs and Murtaugh, she has devoted her time to becoming the number one cosplayer in the world. Avid convention goer. Known Fandom:(SF) Jada Mara, Star Wars Universe. TSCC


Red:(First Appearance #24 – Universe Prime)

Son of Lilith Wheatstraw-Dumont and nephew of Lloyd & Peter Wheatstraw, RED is the man in charge of the kitchen and more specifically, the meat.  He is frequently seen with a blood red axe. Whenever Oscar has an accident he fills in on the night shift. He is on an endless (and frightening) quest for low cost meat.


Dark Ume: (First Appearance #16 – ‘Quarter for Your Thoughts’ – Universe Prime)

A mysterious and shadowy figure who appeared to Dru.  Dark Ume’s agenda is unknown. She was able to cause Dru to forget everything that occurred at VGS.

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