Yak and the Getzaks is a four panel manga that follows a group of otaku that are masters of all forms of geekery (but mostly gaming geekery). Yak is produced when Yak feels it is ready to be produced and has no set schedule. So you probably have not missed an episode – it probably hasn’t been posted. (Try grabbing the RSS feed to keep up).

The Open Yak Policy

If you would like to run a Yak strip that you like somewhere else, like in your free blog, MySpace, free eMag (electronic magazine) or Convention Newsletter, in your printed handouts etc. – have at it but please let us know –perhaps even buy Yak something from the dollar menu.

Please Remember: We do reserve the right to say NO to placements or usages that we do not like for any reason AND we will generally NOT just approve using the Yak on merchandise -or- in a big non-indie commercial mass media way for less than a $1.05 — the Yak is poor, but the Yak is reasonable. The Yak is often hungry, but the Yak is not one of greed. The Yak is merciful. If these terms are unclear, please first ask.

If We Must Say So…

The opinions of Yak are Yak’s alone – so please do not think that they are the opinions of anyone else about anything else for any other reason. Yak is about not taking life so seriously –If the author wants to say something meaningful about company X, person Y or sponsor Z, the author will simply say it as the author, not as Yak. Please do not see this funny happy comic as a position statement by anyone affiliated with the strip.


A pat on the head would be nice from time to time if you like Yak.  Send all brickbats and tomatoes to the Getzaks. Yak is free, to get more Yak, tweet #getzaks.

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